CheckNet Frequently Asked Login Screen Questions

The following list contains a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and their respective answers.  The list is provided as the first source of information for users when there is an operational question regarding login procedures or the credit application process.  Users should refer to this list first and prior to contacting their Checkpoint Systems Customer Service Representative. (CSR)


This FAQ page refers only to the login page and its contents.  For information on product functionality, operation and additional CheckNet web page content the user must first login.  Once successfully logged in, the user may access additional feature and product specific FAQs by selecting Help from the menu and then selecting the Frequently Asked Product Question link provide.


The following list is meant as a guide for new and existing CheckNet users.  The list is not exhaustive and will be updated periodically to address common questions and to accommodate the addition of product functionality.


1.  I am already a user and I have a feature specific question?

To access the FAQ list for specific product features first login to CheckNet then select Help, FAQ’s from the menu. 


2. Is my account set up yet?


To verify if your user account is set-up, you may try to logon using the username and password provided to you via email from Checkpoint Systems.  This username and password is provided upon approval. If you did not receive an email with a username and password then your account may not be setup.  To determine your account status please email or phone:


Phone:  (800) 233-6215


For Checkpoint Systems Europe
Phone:            +31 (0)880082 400 

3.   What should I do if I forget my password?

Enter your username in the Username entry box provided on the login screen.  Select the Forgot your password? link.  A dialog box will be displayed asking if you “Are sure you would like to reset your password”.  Select yes, your password will be emailed to you at the email address you provided when you were setup as a user.

4.  What should I do if I forget my Username?

Please send an email or phone your Checkpoint Customer Service Representative and state that you have lost or forgotten your username and password.  Your password will be reset and you will receive an email with your username and password at the email address you provided to Checkpoint when you were setup as a user.  Please provide your name, organization, phone number and role when corresponding to Customer Support.

Please note that usernames, passwords and other security information will not be provided over the phone.  Never provide your username and password to other individuals or organizations.  Checkpoint Systems will never ask you for your username and/or password.

5.  After I have completed a credit application, how long will it take before I receive my CheckNet username and password?

It will take approximately 3 to 5 business days for Checkpoint Systems to process your credit application and assign a username and password.  Your username and password will arrive at the email address you provided during the application process.

6.    What is the credit application process and where do I find the credit application?


Selecting the Apply For New Account link located on the CheckNet Login page will initiate the credit application process.  The process is as follows:

a.  Select the Apply For New Account link from the login page.


b.  Before beginning the application process make sure you have all your company information, credit references, bank information, and address information available.  We recommend you quickly review the process and print screens to determine what information you will need during the application process.  Note that if you exit the credit application process before providing all required information you will need to start the process over again from scratch when your return.


c.       Select your country from the pull down list. 

d.      On the next screen select Company Information and provide all required information.  Select the Save button when you have completed filling out this form.  Then select the Next button to proceed automatically to the next page. 

e.       Complete the Credit References page providing all required information.  When complete select the Save button, then select the Next button to proceed automatically to the next page. 

f.        Complete the Address Information page providing all required information.   When complete select the Save button, then select the Next button to proceed automatically to the next page. 

g.       Read the contents of the Credit Agreement page and select I accept.  You must accept or the application process will not continue.  Upon selecting I accept you will be presented with fields to enter company name, signature, title and date.  These fields are required and must be completed by a company representative with authority to process a credit application.  When complete select the Save button, then select the Next button to proceed automatically to the next page.

h.       The agreement will be emailed to you.  Review, sign and fax the agreement back to Checkpoint Systems at the fax number provided in the email.

(This does not apply for Europe.)

7.     I am already an Approved Vendor, do I need to complete the credit application process again?

No, if you are already an existing and approved CheckNet Customer you will already have a Checkpoint Customer Account Number.  Select the If you are already an existing Checkpoint Customer, click here link on the login page. Fill out the required fields Your Customer Account Number can be found on consolidated invoices at the top center of the page next to the customer name. On regular invoices, this number can be found in the upper right hand corner. The Customer Number is 5 or 6 digits in length.  Select the Submit button.  You will receive your new login information by email in approximately 24 to 48 hours.  Select the Home button to continue.


(This does not apply for Europe.)


8.  How do I know the site has a secure connection?


CheckNet is a VeriSign secure site.  To verify CheckNet is the site you intended to access in a secure fashion prior to sending any secure information select the VeriSign Logo.  You will be taken to a VeriSign server that will verify the security and authenticity of  Ensure the Name, Server ID and Status information are correct and owned by Checkpoint Systems, Inc., Thorofare, NJ.


9.  I did not find what I was looking for here, how do I contact Checkpoint Systems for Support?

Select the Contact Us link on the login page.  Contact the Checkpoint contact listing that is best suited to addressing your question or concern.